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Success Tips for Upcoming and Struggling Entrepreneurs

by Derek Goodman

Being a blogger, you have different duties you must dedicate yourself to performing. These

include looking for jobs, identifying opportunities, and initiating and leading writing

activities. For many people, it can be difficult to address all the business challenges that one

experiences when they are just starting out.

Successful bloggers and entrepreneurs come up with ideas and create products that solve

real-world problems. While the path is different for each individual, all successful

entrepreneurs are prepared for failure and constantly educate themselves. There’s no

secret recipe to success in business, but these tips can make your journey easier.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan puts on paper your ideas and helps you detail how your business will

operate — even up-and-coming bloggers need to have a business plan!

When writing a business plan, you must answer these questions:

● What’s the service or product? What are my business priorities?

● Where will your business be based?

● Where should you be in five years?

● Who are your target customers?

● Who is your competition?

These are examples of the questions you must answer when writing a business plan. A good

plan will guide you in designing your products and in your marketing effort. It’s a blueprint

that will guide your business into a success.

In addition to a good business plan, you also need to choose an entity for your business.

Many first-time entrepreneurs choose to register as a limited liability company. Benefits

include limited liability, avoiding double taxation, and gaining flexibility.

Continuously Educate Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you must dedicate yourself to learning. This includes finding learning

opportunities like online classes and seminars, which help you improve your skills. For

example, when you earn an MBA online, you’ll learn skills in management, strategy, and


It’s also recommended to read books by successful entrepreneurs, especially people you

admire. Even if they don’t operate in the same field as you, the knowledge can help you

structure your business in a way that prepares it for success. Observe how successful

entrepreneurs solve problems to learn how you can approach your challenges. If possible,

look for books penned by other bloggers who have found success in writing.

Build a Winning Team

Behind all successful businesses, you’ll find a competent team — bloggers included! This

includes working with an editor, people to your social media accounts, beta readers, and

everyone who will make the business run smoothly. Because sales are the lifeline of your

business, hire people who can facilitate revenue by boosting sales.

Your team should make the sales process efficient. A good team will help you achieve your

goals, so ensure you have people who share your vision for the business. The team must

always be on the same page to ensure the smooth flow of operations.

Find a Mentor

While you may prefer doing everything by yourself, working with a mentor will help you

understand how to navigate the challenging business environment.

A mentor comes with the right experience to help you build your business and blog. Their

guidance allows you to make the right decisions. Work with a mentor who has climbed the

very mountain you want to climb, which will shorten the learning curve.


It’s possible to get back from a difficult experience if you’re an entrepreneurial blogger

trying to build a business. There are many things you should do for success, including finding

a mentor and also reading about successful entrepreneurs. Also, hire the right team and

draft a business plan that gives you direction.

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by Derek Goodman

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